Nations and Kingdoms

Covawalcia Expanse — Large geographical region west of the Westalian Empire and east of Vengaria, is now barely hospitible due to Corvis’ ascension to diety, in addition to the subsequent horrors and tyrants which followed the hundred’s of years since.

Westalian Empire – Originally loose alliance of human refugees and dwarf secessionist defending agianst the Totari, then the Endavi Empire, now an imperial empire poised to expand and conquer any foe, so long as it can prevent the haughty aristocracy from ripping itself apart.
Cities of Westalia:
Westvale, capital, Estimated population: 345,000

Kessarian Dynasty – founded along the River of Reeds, Kessaria is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, who have constructed wonderous monuments of splendor, the first literary tomes of magic and knowledge, and ingenuity in irrigation in agriculture and irrigation that has led to a boom in population. However, Kessaria has found itself in a cessation war with Apertia, a succession war between two brothers, and a territorial war between Sina. In addition, the previous two god-kings believed that the nobles and scholars were trying to sow dissent among the people and as such enacted policies expunging the upper class and intellectuals. If not careful, the land of wonders and monuments might be overwhelmed and conquered for the first time in it’s history.

Endavian League – Orgininally a collection of city-states, but after the fall of Sina to the Desarian Empire, forged a strong centrailized league based in the strategic city of Antesia to stop Desaria. Though outnumbered, the Endavian Alliance was able to stop the Desarian invasion by slow grinding down the enemy forces and fighting only in strategicly beneficial areas, and secured victory in the plains outside Antesia. With a centralized state, Endavia expanded to take Sina, while expanding east to reach the Red Berry River, about 120 kilometers from Westvale, and as far north as Port Valsia. However, the further the boundries grew for the Endavian League, the more rampant corruption and decadence became in the capital, in the nobility, and the military. Thus, with the resurgence of Desaria, the ascension of Westalia, and the rise of the exiled Mustavik family, the Endavi League is for the most all intensive purposes, defunct.
Fun Fact: Endavi is a reference to the heroic warrior before the Totari invasions

Desarian Empire – An empire founded on the idea of a king of kings, who ruled with fairness and equality for all. Has languished as a regional power following defeats to the Endavi League, but has since resurged due to several brilliant generals and leaders paving the way for large-scale conquest and nation’s coalescing into Desaria.

Mustavik Empire – Originally a noble family exiled from Antesi for it’s desire for political reform and accountability to Rosglov, a semi-arctic port. During the 25 years in exile, the Mustavik dynasty grew in power and eventually raised an army in Port Valisia and secured an alliance there that guaranteed independence for putting the Mustavik Dynasty on the Throne at Sina. It worked, and the immortal city of Sina is now the head of the Mustavik Empire
Cities of Mustavik:
Sina, capital, Estimated population: 468,000

Chalali Kingdom – Originally huge empire of Elves, now reduced to a small kingdom of woodland elves in the northern forests of Loghmortha

Vengarian Confederacy – Loose alliance of tribes under an elected king; combination of orcs, humans, elfs, oreads, and halflings tribes.

Molvairn Monarchy – Fierce Dwarven Kings of the north, whose empire stretched along the northern icy coasts of Evarogha(the icy northern lands) and built an impressive intertwining network of tunnels between cities, now languishes in power and declines in prestige, but is an still military and economic powerhouse.
Otergha, capital, Estimated population: 215,000

Emmor Maggia – Alliance of humans, orcs, and oreads fighting for freedom agianst the tyranny of both the Westalia and Morvacairn empires in Evarogha

Dacomori Kingdom – A small but resourceful nation that codified first laws, built several cities on rivers and islands, and built a palace with the largest garden of flowers, fruits, and plants in the world along it’s river island capital city, Aldinpar.
Cities of Dacomori:
-Aldinpar, capital, Estimated population: 45,000

Apertin Magocracy – Sea faring mages whose dissatisfation with the Kessarian Dynasty and perscution has roused a large-scale independence war. Apertia is home to a majority of Kessarian intellectuals and magicians wanted for mostly incorrect accustations of sedition and insuboordination, as well as embracing a magecratic style of government.

Arstovia, is the informal name for the region comprising of five former duchies of the Verilidian Kingdom, which are each their own independant realms.
i) Cedestern
ii) Kirne
iii) Osterna

Duchy of Kilcairn – Small duchy of the capital city Keredown, and a few smaller towns that has served as a bastion for refugees of Westalian, Endavi, Mustavik, and Totari conquest, as well as during the ascension crisis. Important trade hub between Westvale, Sina and Oterga, and has resisted both military and covert annexation, but dark skies loom on the horizon for Keredown’s future

Other Cities of the World:
Port Valsia, Estimated population: 35,000

Nations and Kingdoms

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