Character Creation Rules

The basics of Character creation are going to be along these lines

First, for ability score you can use either of the following 20 point arrays:

Second, you can choose your class, race, feats and abilities from the following Paizo books are allowed: Core(Duh), Advanced Class Guide, Advanced race Guide, Advanced Player’s Guide, Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Equipment.

Third, the following Dreamscarred Press book is allowed, Ultimate Psionics.

Fourth, If you want something outside of these books, please show it to me before the game and give me details about it.

Fifth, choose 2 traits, and an additional one should you choose to take a drawback.

Sixth, You will be starting at lLevel 6 with Level 6 wealth.

Seventh, Please look at feat alterations page for the fairly large changes to the way certian feats operate.

Eighth, just have fun making your character, and try to come up with a backstory as vague or specific, within the context of the setting.

Ninth, good character’s only for now.

Character Creation Rules

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